Sambhogakaya, a concept in Buddhism, refers to the body of divine enjoyment or the reward body. It is one of the three bodies in Buddhism, alongside dharmakaya and nirmanakaya. Sambhogakaya is considered a level of buddhahood between nirmanakaya and dharmakaya in Mahayana Buddhism. It represents a state of being that is attained through spiritual practice … Read more


Sufism, a mystical tradition within Islam, is a dimension of the religion that is found in various branches rather than being a separate sect. It encompasses a profound inner search for the Divine, emphasizing asceticism and recognizing the unity of existence. Sufis engage in spiritual practices such as meditation and chanting, akin to those found … Read more

Reclining Big Toe Pose B

Reclining Big Toe Pose B, also known as supta padangusthasana B, is a supine yoga posture that focuses on opening the hips and stretching the adductor muscles, groin, and hamstrings. This pose is highly beneficial for increasing lower body flexibility and mobility. By practicing Reclining Big Toe Pose B, individuals can experience a range of … Read more

Dynamic Meditation

Dynamic meditation is a unique practice that combines movement and meditation to access a state of inner stillness. Developed by Osho, this structured approach aims to address the challenges of traditional sitting meditation in the modern world. The practice consists of five stages, involving chaotic and deep breathing, intense movement and sound, raising the arms … Read more

Goga: The Joyful Fusion Of Animal Therapy And Yoga

Goga, also known as Goat yoga, is an emerging practice that combines the therapeutic benefits of animal therapy with the ancient practice of yoga. This unique fusion aims to bring practitioners into the present moment by incorporating goats into yoga sessions, allowing for a joyful and light-hearted approach to the practice. Goga can take place … Read more


Sadhguru, also known as Jaggi Vasudev, is an accomplished Indian yogi, mystic, and author who has made significant contributions to the field of yoga and spirituality. With a profound interest in yoga from a young age, Sadhguru started teaching yoga in 1983 and donated the proceeds to local charities. Over the years, he has established … Read more

Rumi: A Mystic’s Timeless Influence

Rumi, the renowned Persian poet and mystic, continues to wield a profound and enduring influence on spirituality and literature. Born in the 13th century, Rumi’s spiritual writings have traversed national, religious, and cultural boundaries, resonating with readers across time and place. Through his works, primarily written in Persian, Rumi expounds on the theme of union … Read more

Bandhu Dya Kriya

Bandhu Dya Kriya is a technique in Kundalini yoga that focuses on generating kindness and promoting connectedness. This practice involves a seated meditative posture with specific hand positioning and breath work. The name of the practice is derived from Sanskrit words that mean kinship, friend, respect, kindness, and completed action. Bandhu Dya Kriya is recommended … Read more

Zen Buddhism

Zen Buddhism is a school of Mahayana Buddhism that traces its origins to China and is deeply influenced by Taoism. Rooted in the practice and direct experience of its followers, Zen Buddhism emphasizes meditation and the cultivation of mindfulness. The name ‘Zen’ is derived from the Japanese pronunciation of ‘chan’, which in turn originates from … Read more

Pavamana Mantra

The Pavamana Mantra, found in the Brhadaranyaka Upanishads, is a significant Hindu mantra associated with Soma, a sacred plant in Hindu mythology. Its name, Pavamana, denotes purification and is chanted during the Soma sacrifice, though it is now utilized for spiritual awakening. This mantra serves as a prayer for truth, light, and immortality, aiming to … Read more